PC COMS is a PC based program to help investor understanding of the Korea Exchange Derivatives Market’s Composite Optimized Margin System (COMS). PC COMS, which is a freeware, was first developed and distributed by the KRX in August 2007. Since there have been many changes in the KRX Derivatives market including revision of margin system and introduction of a few new products, the KRX introduces PC COMS 2.0 (beta version) in December 2009 and 3.0 in October 2011.

PC COMS Download : ver 3.1

First, download and install Adobe AIR before installing PC COMS.

Adobe Air Download PC COMS ver 3.1 Download
  • As of August 2007 PC COMS ver 1.0
  • As of December 2009 PC COMS ver 2.0
  • As of October 2011 PC COMS ver 3.0
  • Please contact KRX(pccoms@krx.co.kr) if you have any errors in the program or any questions about PC COMS.
  • Illegal duplication or distribution of this program is strictly prohibited.
  • PC COMS is made available only for reference and the calculation may include error. The Korea Exchange is not legally responsible for any investment made using information obtained from using the program.
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