Recognizing the importance of giving a helping hand to those in need across the globe, KRX endeavors to improve welfare of the people living in neighboring countries. At the same time, KRX focuses on providing support to multi-cultural families, so that they can feel more comfortable in their new homes in Korea.

  • Volunteer activities in emerging markets
    • Since 2011, KRX has organized medical volunteer teams consisting of pediatricians, physicians, surgeons and ophthalmologists from major hospitals in Korea to deliver medical aid to rural communities of emerging markets in Asia
    • KRX’s new employees also take part in the volunteer activities for emerging markets, by way of improving learning environment in school
  • IT job training center in Cambodia
    • KRX opened an IT training center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to offer technological skills, experience and knowledge
    • Local students and residents can benefit from this professional training/ job preparation program, while corporations can utilize the trained new workforce
  • Support for multi-cultural families
    • Since 2011, KRX has run a medical check-up program in collaboration with Chung-ang University Medical School for multi-cultural families that do not have easy access to medical services
    • A special bus equipped with medical devices and doctors visits on a monthly basis multi-cultural families’ residential areas to provide free medical check-up, vaccination and treatment of up to US$3,000 per person
    • For families that were not able to have a wedding ceremony, KRX allows them to use its wedding hall, and provides other wedding-related services (e.g. wedding dress rental, wedding photo taking, gifts, etc)

KRX CSR Activities
IT Training Center
KRX Cow Bank Project
Medical Volunteering