Tech stock-heavy market
The KOSDAQ market was established for the purpose of supporting promising SMEs and startup companies with funding opportunities. The market’s focus is also shifting from the IT H/W sector to the IT S/W (security solution, online services, digital contents, etc.), bio, cultural contents (mobile games, entertainment, etc.) and related high value-added sectors. This indicates the proportion of the sectors related to future growth industries is increasing gradually in the KOSDAQ market.
Differentiated Listing Policy
The listing policy of the KOSDAQ market is various taking into account the characteristics of the market centered on tech stocks. The listing requirements for the KOSDAQ market are more relaxed when compared to those for the KOSPI market. Specifically, during the listing review, growth potential of companies are considered, qualitative review items have been simplified and reduced, and exceptional listing requirements taking into account the characteristics of technology growth companies (start-up companies) are also applied.
Dynamic Market
The KOSDAQ market has been established as being the top class among the major new SME markets. Not only in terms of trading value and market capitalization but also in terms of active new listing, the KOSDAQ market is one of the world’s best SME market equipped with a large scale and dynamism.
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