Trading system
The trading system for ETNs is almost the same as that for stocks or ETFs.
Trading system
Trading hours Regular hours (09:00-15:30), Off-hours trading(08:00~09:00, 15:40-18:00)
Quotation price unit KRW 5
Trading unit 1 share
Price limit ±30% of the base price (The amount multiplied with multipliers in case of leveraged ETNs)
Types of order Limit order, Market order, Limit-to-market-on-close order, Immediately executable limit order, and Best limit order
Substitute Securities
ETNs are designated as substitute securities that may be used to pay the margin instead of cash. ETNs under trading suspension for reasons corresponding to delisting or ETNs designated as the investment risk issues are not qualified for the substitute securities.
Settlement System
The settlement system for ETNs is the same as that for stocks. In other words, ETNs are settled on the second day from the trade execution date (T+2). ETNs in their entirety are deposited with a depository institution as in the case of ETFs, so that they can be delivered or received through account transfer.
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