Listing Procedure

When securities of a common company are listed on the market, they get through a preliminary review where external requirements, such as financial states, sales and profit requirements, and qualitative aspects of the company are examined. However, the procedure of listing ETFs is very simple because they can be listed immediately once they meet certain requirements. For the listing of an ETF, you need to create an ETF in accordance with the Capital Market Act, register it to the Financial Services Commission and submit required documents, such as Collective Investment Regulation, Trust Estate Management Plan and Certificate of Depositary Account Report, to KRX. KRX decides the permission of the initial listing by reviewing the eligibility of the index set forth in the Capital Market Act as well as the requirements set forth in the listing regulations.

< New Listing Procedure >

  1. D-7~8wks
    Examination of listing eligibility
  2. D-3~4wks
    Register to Financial Services Commission
  3. D-1~2wks
    Submit application to KRX
  4. D-day
    Start the trading
    Of newly listed ETFS