Following its establishment in July of 1996, the KOSDAQ Market has achieved eye-opening growth within a short period of eight years by working hand in hand with the government`s promotional policies for venture and small and medium-sized businesses as well as with the development of Korea’s IT industry.

Establishing a Fair, Transparent, and Efficient Market
The KOSDAQ Market has toiled ceaselessly to remain competitive as a world-class stock market. In order to realize the vision of becoming an "Asian New Market Leader," the current system has been reformed for the establishment of a fair, transparent, and efficient market while IT infrastructure has been expanded as well. Furthermore, ties have been strengthened with advanced global markets and cooperation has been pursued among new Asian markets.
Providing World-class Customer-focused Service
Decisive reformation to develop and offer services focused on market users is another competitive feature of the KOSDAQ Market. KOSDAQ Market’s customer-focused service has reached the maturity of world-class standards, proven from the fact that it is the first stock market ever to obtain CMM Level 3 (computer sector) and the first in the domestic financial industry to acquire ISO 9001 certification.
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