Symbol Mark

Fundamental CI for the Korea Exchange

  • The circle made of three arches symbolizes the abundant liquidity and efficient transaction in the three Markets of the KRX.
  • The gold arch signifies the functions of the KRX, which are to support the investors to realize their investment goals and the industries to grow.
Symbol Mark

The logotype was designed in coordination with the symbol mark to represent their importance as two of the essential elements that form the core of the Korea Exchange's CI (Corporate Identity).

  • Korean Logotype
    Korean Logotype
  • English Logotype
    English Logotype

This section sets the standards for the integrated use of the basic symbol mark and Korean and English logotype. The location and proportions of the symbol and logotype are based on the illustrated example. In particular, the gap between the symbol and logotype must strictly adhere to the illustrated example

  • Korean Signature
    Korean Logotype
  • English Signature
    영문 시그니처
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