Market Maker Monitoring System

The importance of Market Maker System is increasing to assure market stability of the modern capital market. KRX has developed a cutting-edge Market Maker Monitoring system with its more than 10 years of successful experience in Market Maker operation over various financial products such as stocks, ETFs, ELWs, bonds and derivatives. Establish liquid and stable market with KRX Market Maker Monitoring System.

Functional Highlights
  • MM trading status
  • MM instrument quotes status
  • MM product status by member
  • MM member status by product
  • Trading status by MM products’ instrument
  • Daily MM breakdown
  • MM quotation evaluation
  • MM trading volume evaluation
  • MM presence evaluation
  • Overall evalution
  • KRX MMM system is customer oriented on every feature for easy use and better understanding. Without changing the entire MM System, modulated MM Obligation Key Factors allow MM System to change just measurements to adopt new rules.
  • KRX MMM system provides general information and assessment base data about Market-Maker’s activity in various Excel formats.
  • KRX MMM system is able to receive data directly through IOPV, or create information file in .csv format and send the file to Surveillance System by using FTP protocol after accessing and searching external DB
Islamic Trading Platform

As a result of long term cooperation with Islamic partners, KRX, a truthful partner of the Islamic capital market, launched the world’s first Islamic Trading Platform to support the trading of Shari’ah compliant products.

Functional Highlights

KRX Islamic Trading Platform provides not only trade matching but also Clearing and Settlement, Data dissemination and User terminal.

KRX Islamic Trading Platform is capable of interfacing with existing trading platform in order to update information and allocate relevant commodities(if required).

Web-based user interface allows users to connect to the trading platform anywhere in the planet.

e-Certificate requirements assure protection and security to the environment

Major functionalities provided by the middleware are:

  • Load balancing
  • Multi-thread
  • Data Compression
  • Priority Scheduling
Bond Trading System
KRX BTS is an all-in-one electronic bonds trading platform that enables market participants to trade via negotiation and order matching as well as report on securities transactions done in the over-the-counter(OTC) market.
KRX BTS is an efficient price discovery mechanism of secondary market for all fixed income securities.
Functional Highlights
  • Search, access, view and retrieve data and information from various relevant source databases
  • Extract, analyze, compile and format data and information into reports and information products
  • Publish and disseminate reports and information products to relevant parties.