Audit Committee
The Audit Committee takes charge of auditing on respective markets operated by the KRX
Structure of the Audit Committee
Structure of the Audit Committee
Chairman of Audit Committee : Kwang-Shik Shin
Chairman of Audit Committee : Kwang-Shik Shin
  • Currently, Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Yonsei University.
  • Senior Research Fellow, Korea Development Institute
Standing Audit Commissioner : Dongho Hong
Standing Audit Commissioner : Dongho Hong
  • Economy Minister of Korea Embassy at Japan
  • Policy Coordination Managerial office at Ministry of Strategy and Finance
Non-standing membe : Byungjo Jun
Non-standing Member : Byungjo Jun
  • Currently, President & CEO of KB Investment Securities
  • Vice President of KDB Daewoo Securitiess
Contact Information
Contract Information
Tasks Team Telephone Number Fax
  Head of division 02-3774-2410
Internal audit, Audit system, External affairs Audit Ⅰ 051-662-2411, 13, 14, 16 051-662-2476
Audit Ⅱ 02-3774-4181~84, 91 02-786-9006
Ethical Management / Anti-corruption Assessment,
Constant monitoring
Planning and Audit 02-3774-4180, 87, 94 02-786-9006
  • As a supplementary organization for the KRX Audit Committee and in support of the Standing Audit Commissioner, the Audit Division conducts audit on the Management & Strategy Division, KOSPI Market Division, KOSDAQ Market Division, Derivatives Market Division and Market Oversight Division, and also performs activities related to job inspection and work discipline of the officers and employees.
  • If you have any report or recommendation to make, please contact the KRX Cyber CS Center or the teams in the table above, or send email to
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  • Special Audit 02-3774-4187