In general, listing of stocks can be classified as initial listing, relisting, new-stock listing, listing change.
01. Initial/New Listing
Initial/New listing refers to the inital listing of new shares of stocks issued by a company. New/initial listing of stocks involves either public offering or direct listing depending on the entailment of public offering (public offering secondary distribution) after application for listing eligibility review. Direct listing is only allowed to the KOSDAQ listed company which moves to it's market without public offering.
02. Relisting
Relisting refers to the listing of the stocks issued by the company established from the merger between the existing listed companies, or the split-up or merger after split of an existing listed company.
03. New Stock Listing
New-stock listing takes place when listed company lists the securities newly issued from rights offering, merger or exercising a convertible bond or a bond with warrant, etc.
04. Listing Change
In case where there is a change in the details of listed stock (e.g.name of the issue or issuer, par value), listing change refers to the process of replacing the existing stocks with the new ones that has incorporated the changed details.
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