Gold Futures
Gold Futures
Underlying Asset Fine gold bar(99.99% pure)
Contract Size 100g
Listed contracts The first two consecutive months, and any February, April, June, August, October, December falling within a 11 month period
Tick size KRW10/g
Last trading day The third Wednesday of the contract months(T)
First trading day The second business day counting from the last trading day(T+1)
Final settlement day The second business day counting from the last trading day(T+1)
Trading hours 09:00 ~ 15:45 (09:00 ~ 15:20 on the last trading day)
Quotation receiving hours 08:00 ~ 15:45
Price Quotation Korea Won per gram
Price limit Base price ± (Base price×10%)
Calendar spread
  • Spread contracts
    1. Nearest month+2nd nearest month
    2. Nearest month+3rd nearest month
    3. Nearest month+4th nearest month
    4. Nearest month+5th nearest month
    5. Nearest month+6th nearest month
    6. Nearest month+Farthest month
  • Limit order only
  • Trading hours : 09:00 ~ 15:35
Margin requirement
  • Member&Maintenance margin rate : 5.5%
  • Customer margin rate : 8.25%
Position Limit 3,000 contracts
Order Limit 1,000 contracts
Final settlement price* final price of 1,000g (gold) in KRX GOLD market on the last trading day
Settlement type Cash settlement
For the detail information, refer to 「 The rule §60. Final Settlement」 of the Derivatives Market Business Regulation.
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