Establishing a fast and convenient disclosure channel to the public is more than important.
KRX is now proudly presenting the New Disclosure System, a web based system which allows the global customers to accommodate the submission system for Listed Companies to electronically submit disclosures using XML base templates. And also it will facilitate the review and approval system for global customers to manage the incoming disclosures in a precise and fast way. Furthermore, disclosures submitted through the New Disclosure System are made available to the public portal system and mobile application services for end-users and other market data distribution service providers.
Structurally, being treated in XML, the contents of the disclosures will be easily configured and extracted from the templates simply created by the Microsoft Word program. This storage of disclosure will give you more business opportunities for commercial distribution services with value added information products.

Functional Highlights
Easy Submission
Submit into the Web-Browsers
KRX Disclosure System provides the listed companies and trading participants with easy-to-use web-based interfaces to facilitate submission of disclosures in the form of user-created templates.
Integrated Workflows
Good organized Review & Approval system
KRX Disclosure System is designed to accommodate a wide range of workflow for global customers. Disclosures from listed companies will be reviewed by analysts and approved or rejected by managers before making public.
Increased Data Usability
Vast amount of Data available
KRX Disclosure System is running on the XML technology. So all each item in the disclosures will be automatically put into the extensive database so that clients can make value-added products for the various distribution purposes or data mining studies internally.
Trendy with Mobile Services
Up-to-date Mobile Disclosure Application
KRX Disclosure Mobile Application service adheres to not only the latest trend of mobile apps for inherent benefits for end users but also universally agreeable design. Both Android and iPhone are available in our system.
Technological Benefits
The user can directly create and change XML templates by simply uploading templates to the system. Automatically the corresponding HTML pages are created for submitting the templates. Simply editing in a Microsoft Word file would be more than enough to create/amend a new template.
The disclosure business architecture consists of independent modules, which are submission, review & approval and public portal. Having developed in modules, one of the module systems can be easily upgraded without influencing the other module systems.
Reliability & Convenience
KRX Disclosure system is designed to fulfill capabilities required by the customers with high volumes and changing business needs. The public portal will carry a wide range of information coming from the existing market related systems.
Also, other UI conveniences such as memorizing the latest search conditions for users’ less mouse-clicks will be provided.
Technical Features
Flexible file or DB interface between the systems through the use of the resource adapter
Greater security and browser independence through https communication between the browser and the web server

Rich Internet Application (RIA), implemented in Html5, Java Script based framework like Ajax, not only provides more user-friendly functionalities, but reduces application load time, bandwidth requirements and server load

By not using ActiveX, users are free to use any type of web browsers (Internet Explorer (IE), Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox...)
  • No use of Active-x
  • Deployed in universal markup language, script programs
  • Supporting in all kinds of Browsers
Disclosure Workflows
Disclosure Workflows
EXTURE+ Disclosure Mobile App Now Availanle on iPhone and Android phones.
EXTURE+ Disclosure Mobile App Now Availanle on iPhone and Android phones.