Index Committee
Index Committee(hereinafter "Committee") was established on May 4, 1994 to screen the calculation and maintenance of underlying indices for futures or options trading.
Matters to be reviewed
  • Major decisions about calculation and maintenance of KTOP30, KOSPI200, KOSDAQ150, and KRX 300.
  • Matters that KRX requests reviews regarding calculation and maintenance of indices other than those mentioned above.
Composition of Committee

The Committee shall be composed of up to seven experts who may represent academia and the business community including professors, accountants, a representative of either an institutional investor or a securities-related organization, etc., as below

  • An executive director of Index business of KRX
  • Two full-time executives from institutional investors
  • One accounting or legal specialist
  • Up to four persons with knowledge and experience of securities and derivatives
< Current status of committee composition >
Current status of committee composition
Affiliation Title Date of appointment Others
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (College of Business and Economics) Professor July 5, 2018 Securities/derivative expert
Catholic University of Korea (School of Business Administration) Professor May 25, 2020 Securities/derivative expert
Korea Development Institute (KDI) Division head May 2, 2019 Securities/derivative expert
PWC CPA May 25, 2020 Accounting expert
Public Officials Benefit Association (POBA) Executive September 25, 2019 Institutional Investor
Korea Investment Management Executive May 25, 2020 Institutional Investor
KRX Executive Ex-officio KRX
주의Current members of the committee have affirmed that they do not have any conflicts of interest with KRX index administration by signing Ethics Pledge

Two years (one-year term with a limit of two terms.)


A member is appointed by the president of the Management Strategy division at KRX, among those who meet the requirements.


Once any grounds for disqualification apply to a member, he/she is immediately dismissed by the president of the Management Strategy division at KRX.

Grounds for dismissal

A person who violates his/her obligation to keep confidentiality and prevent corruption under KRX bylaws, or who has been subject to disciplinary action by his/her affiliation, or by a license provider when he/she is a licensed expert, over the last two years.

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