Account opening and confirmation of customers
Account opening
The emissions permits are different from typical types of financial products such as stocks and derivatives in legal terms. Thus, the Exchange opens a “general commodity account” like in the gold market by taking into account the characteristics of general commodities such as gold and silver.
Account opening for investors

Investors can trade emissions permits through members (financial investment companies) after completing necessary documents.

Method of accounting opening
Investors visit the head office or a branch of members or enter into an account opening contract online.
Distribution of documents explaining products

Members distribute the terms and conditions for spot trading of emissions permits and the investment guide and collect the documents required for identifying information regarding investors.

Methods of order receipt and rejection
Method of order receipt

By way of electronic communication, telephone, documents, etc.

  1. Electronic communication: A member receives orders online (HTS, MTS, Internet, etc.) after entering into an agreement with an investor in advance regarding the electronic communication method.
  2. Telephone or fax: Authentication of an investor and record evidentiary documents on the order
  3. Documents: A member receives an order which carries details of order and signature of or seal affixed by an investor.
Obligatory/Discretionary rejection of orders

Members may reject an order that disturbs the soundness and fairness of the market

Obligatory rejection
Any orders that breach3) the regulations of the Exchange or exceed the good faith deposit.
Fn. 3)
Orders that may hamper the fairness in the market such as the submission of excessive phantom orders
Discretionary rejection
When it is deemed necessary for the protection of the public interests or the maintaining of an orderly market.
Good faith deposits and brokerage commissions
The rate of good faith deposit

Not only the allocated corporations but also the investors need to deposit the entire settlement quantity prior to the order placement.

  • Buying investor: 100% deposit in cash in advance
  • Selling investor: 100% deposit of emissions permits to be sold in advance.
Brokerage commissions

Members decide their own rates and collection methods at their discretion.

  • Whenever making or changing the guideline for collecting brokerage commissions members need to disclose the details to investors and notify the same to -the Exchange within 5 trading days from the implementation date for the guideline concerned.
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