What is KOSPI Market?

The KOSPI market, which is a benchmark stock market of Korea, has listed global corporations such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, POSCO and LG Electronics since its opening back in 1956. Its market capitalization amounts to KRW 115 billion on the back of solid growth in major blue-chip corporations.

In addition, the market was recognized to be appropriate for investment by the stock markets of major developed countries. This indicates that corporations listed on the KOSPI market would have an advantage in funding or penetrating foreign markets and forging alliance with overseas companies. Also, corporations of which stocks are constituents of KOSPI 200 (an underlying index for futures/options of KOSPI 200) which boasts world-class liquidity are attracting keen attention from investors both at home and abroad, thereby leading to growth in investment.

What is KOSPI (Korea Composite Stock Price Index)?

It refers to the stock composite price index for the KRX main board, and the main board market is called the KOSPI market as well. KOSPI is calculated based on the market capitalization with its base index at 100 on January 4, 1980.