Listing of Stocks: Flow Chart
  1. Preparation such as the board decision of new-stock issuance,
    filing of the securities registration statement, etc
  2. Arrangement of forfeited shares, odd lot,
    payment for new share, etc
  3. Registration of rights offering
  4. Filing a listing application
  5. Listing & trading
Detailed Procedures
Detailed Procedures
Major Procedures Specifics
Resolution of the board of directors of new-stock issuance Resolution of the board of directors and disclosure regarding new-stock issuance
Filing of the securities registration statement to FSC
record date for new shares allotment Closing the shareholders’ register for allotment of new shares
Subscription Shareholders, employee stock ownership plan, etc
Arrangement of forfeited shares · odd lot Decision of the board of directors and disclosure
Notification of results of subscription 3 days before the payment date
Paying up shares and new shares taking effect Submission of Certification of paying up shares
Registration of rights offering
Filing a listing application No later than 7 days before the expected date of listing
Listing new share & trading  
Documents for submission (Stock Market Listing Regulation: Article 46 & Article 26, the Enforcement Rule)
  1. Application for new share listings and schedule for the issue of new shares
  2. Transcript of the register book for corporations
  3. The specimens of stocks, certificate of entry into depositor's account book or certificate of non-issuance of stocks that is issued by the transfer agent
  4. Documentary proof on payment
  5. Continual Possession Guarantee Certification and Safeguard Certification (submitted for listings due to mergers) for stocks, etc. held by the largest shareholder of a non-listed corporation
New Share Listing Fees (Enforcement Rules of KOSPI Market Listing Regulation, Annex 10. Listing Fees and Annual Dues)

Amount determined according to calculation method shown in table below.
(However, KRW 80 million shall be the maximum initial listing fee)

Listing Fees (Article 50 and Annex 2 of the Enforcement Rule of the Stock Market Listing Regulation)
Listing amount
(in billion KRW,
Market capitalization of newly listed share)
Listing fees (in thousand KRX)
≤ 3 500 per KRW 1 billion of the amount
(250 if the listing amount is less than KRX 100 million; and the fixed amount of 500 for the listing amount over KRW 100 million, but less than KRX 1 billion)
3 < and ≤ 20 1,500 + 210 per KRW 1 billion of the amount over KRW 3 billion
20 < and ≤ 50 5,070 + 180 per KRW 1 billion of the amount over KRW 20 billion
50 < and ≤ 100 10,470 + 150 per KRW 1 billion of the amount over KRW 50 billion
100 < and ≤ 200 17,970 + 120 per 1 billion of the amount over KRW 100 billion
200 < and ≤ 500 29,970 + 80 per 1 billion of the amount over KRW 200 billion
500 < 53,970 + 30 per 1 billion of the amount over KRW 500 billlion
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