EXTURE+ Trading, the State-of-the-Art technology of KRX, is at par with global competitive trading platforms.

EXTURE+ Trading is the result of an endless effort to achieve a Zero(0) Latency Matching Engine.

Major advantages of EXTURE+ Trading
  • All in a Single Platform(stocks, bonds, futures, options, ETFs, warrants, commodities, etc.)
  • Memory-based solution and open source architecture

Provides trading related functionalities which are required for traditional equity instruments(stocks, ETFs, ELWs, warrants, beneficiary securities) and bond instruments(government bonds, local government bonds, monetary to derivatives, it supports futures/options on various assets ranging from stock index, currency, interest, metal, agriculture and so on.

Enables to support basic functions required for the multi-markets, multi-instrument types, participant and user management in accordance with a variety of trading rules applicable such as trading session, multi-trading board, tick size management, order type management, block trade(negotiated deal), order amendment, corporate actions and monitoring facilities using real-time monitoring trading screen,

Capable of accommodating up-to-date functionalities such as DMA, Non-exchange trading venues(Dark pool, ECN), Algorithmic trading/High frequency trading, Market information broadcasting, foreign ownership tracing, Dual listing and so on.

Trading System Table
Service Area Detailed Services
Instruments Stock Common/Preferred Stock, Mutual Fund, ETF, Warrants, Rights, DRs
Securitized Derivatives ELWs
Derivatives Futures, Call/Put Options
Market Structure Multi-Market Operations of multi and different markets in one exchange
Multi-Board Odd-Lot Board, Buy-In Board, Negotiation Board and others
  Pre-Open, Main and Post-Closing depending on the trading hours.
Trading Method Individual Auction Single Price Auction, Continuous Matching, Allocation Matching, One-Side Auction
Order Order Type Limit Order
  ATO/ATC, Market Order
  Stop Limit/Market Order, Iceberg Order
  Same Side Best Order, Opposite Side Best Order
Cancel Condition FAS/FAK/FOK
Time Condition GTC
Trading Rule Price Limit & Tick size per Security type & Board
Quantity Limit & Unit per Security Type & Board
Order Type & Cancel Condition per Security Type & Trading Session
Other Functionalities Designated Flag Applicability of Trading Rule and Trading Schedule Exceptions
(User Customizable) New Listing Symbol, Delisting Period Symbol, Last Trading Day Symbol, Warning Symbol
Market Maker Market Making Type, Responsibility Type, Notification Message
DMA Drop Copy, Risk Filter
Automatic Suspension Multi Level Market CB : Cash Market CB, Derivatives Market CB
  Multi Level Symbol CB
  Inter-Market, inter-Product, Inter-Instrument Linkage
Trading Restriction Short Selling, Margin Order, Treasury Stocks
Superior Performance
EXTURE+ Trading Capacity & Performance Measurement
Superior performance Table
Category EXTURE+ Trading Performance
Throughput 100,000+ TPS
Latency (Avg) 30~50 μs
Global Compatibility
  • Overseas investors and solution customers can enjoy easier access to market and rich set of functionality
  • Standard Protocol
    • FIX/FAST for standard access
  • Participants
    • DMA Functionalities
    • Support several types of Market Making
  • Abundant Functionalities
    • Support wide range of options for Trading Method, Board Type, Order Type and other categories
Cost Efficiency
Provision of Low-Cost Operation System Environment by using Cutting-Edge Technology
Cost Efficiency Table
Category Features Benefits
Infra x86 Linux Server Faster Upgrade Cycle
Lower Cost Infrastructure
Technology Memory-based Order Book
Layered/Tiered Architecture
Fast Fail-Over with Zero data loss
Flexible Capacity Enhancement at Low Cost
  • With RDS, Reference Data Service, new Layer/Product/Attribute can be flexibly added without modifying the source code
  • Product Hierarchy

    Product Hierarchy