KOSDAQ150 Futures
KOSDAQ150 Futures
Underlying Asset KOSDAQ150 Index
Contract Size KOSDAQ150 futures price X KRW 10,000
Listed Contracts Total 7(3 yearly month (Dec), 2half yearly month (Jun), 2 quartely months (Mar, Sep)
Tick Size & Value 0.1 point (KRW 1,000)
Trading Hours 09:00 ~ 15:45 (09:00 ~ 15:20 on the last trading day)
Last Trading Day Second Thursday of the contract month
Final Settlement Day The following day of the last trading day
Final Settlement Cash
Daily Price Limit ①±8%, ②±15%, ③±20% price limits are applied to the futures base price
Position Limit Individual 10,000 contracts
Others 20,000 contracts
Factsheet Factsheet (Click)
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