Career Fair
KRX holds a KOSDAQ/KONEX career fair every autumn to offer positions to those who look for jobs. It plays a part in solving the youth unemployment issue while KOSDAQ and KONEX-listed corporations can strengthen their competitiveness through hiring outstanding work forces.
Company Analysis Report
In order to support market participants when they make investment decisions, company analysis reports published by securities firms are provided on the KRX website (
Information for foreign investors
KRX holds a KOSDAQ global IR Conference twice a year in Hong Kong and Singapore. Also we publish Bi-weekly report in English.
KRX publishes bi-weekly report about various information on the KOSDAQ market(main indices, trading activity, status of indirect investment products, etc.)
Disclosure Training
KRX provides training for employees who is in charge of disclosure. It is for updating their knowledge on the corporate disclosure(trainings for new employees, annual trainings for existing employees and trainings for prevent unfaithful disclosure).
Support for IR
KRX supports KOSDAQ listed companies to hold IR activity so that they offer information about their company to investors. KRX provides places for IR activity and helps them gather institutional investors.