• The limit order is an order of which the price and quantity are specified. It is matched at prices better than the specified price or at the specified price.
  • The market order is an order placed to buy or sell at the best available price. Whereas the quantity of order is specified, the price is not.
  • The limit-to-market-on-close order is the limit order placed with an instruction to convert it to the market order and include it in the single price auction at the time when the closing price is determined, if the order remains unexecuted until the end of the continuous auction on a given trading day.
  • The immediately executable limit order is the market order in the sense that its price is not specified, but it is different from the market order in that the matching price is fixed at the price that is the best at the time of input. Unexecuted best orders are queued in the order book at the initial best price.
  • Condition of order
    • Fill or Kill : Orders are that all of the orders are cancelled, if not executed immediately after the enter thereof
    • Immediate or Cancel : Orders are that any of the orders possible to execute is executed and the remaining order are cancelled
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