What is the KRX Commodity Market?
The KRX Commodity Market is a market dedicated to spot trading, which has been established based on abundant physical and human resources infrastructure and an ample experience in market operation of the KRX.
Establishment of the Commodity Market

The KRX has opened the petroleum, gold and emissions trading markets in response to the government’s policies for oil price stabilization, legalization of gold trading and low-carbon green growth. Currently, gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, gold and emissions permit are being traded in the market.

< Establishment of KRX Commodity Market >
Date Led by Key Details
June 2010 Government
(Crisis Management Countermeasure Meeting)
Announcement of a plan to establish a commodity (gold) exchange (to bring the underground trading of gold into the open)
April 2011 Government
(Economic Strategy Adjustment Meeting)
Announcement of a plan to improve transparency and boost competition in the petroleum market (to lower the oil price)
March 2012 KRX Launching of the petroleum market
  • Contribution to the government’s policy for advancement of petroleum distribution structure
July 2013 Financial Services Commission Announcement of a plan to bring the underground gold trading into the open by establishing a gold spot market
January 2014 Ministry of Environment Designation of the KRX as an exchange for greenhouse gas emissions trading (Low-carbon green growth)
March 2014 KRX Launching of the gold market
  • The government shed light on the underground economy and supported the vitalization of the gold industry.
January 2015 KRX Launching of the emissions trading market
  • Taking the first mover advantage in the international climate change issues and implementing the emissions trading system
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