KOSDAQ Market Listing Procedures
KOSDAQ Market Listing Procedures
Classification Subject Date (Example) Comments
External auditing based on the External Auditing Law
(designated by the selected auditor)
Issuing firm, Financial Supervisory Service, accounting firm   Corporate Accounting System Office of Financial Supervisory Service
Sign managing underwriter agreement Issuing firm, lead manager Submit a copy of agreement to KOFIA(Korea Financial Investment Association) within 5 business days of signing
Amendment of AI and Preparation Issuing firm, lead manager Amend Articles of Association according to standard form for listed companies
Preparing Data for the Analysis of Business Inspections and Issue Value Issuing firm, lead manager  
Selection of an Institution to Perform Name Transfers Issuing firm Kookmin Bank, Hana Bank, Korea Securities Depository
Stock Certificate Contract for temporary printing Issuing firm, Overprinting office  
Submitting application of eligibility examination Issuing firm, lead manager D  
Examining application of eligibility KOSDAQ Market Division Listing Examination Team    
Reviewing application of eligibility KOSDAQ Market Listing Committee D+60 days Submit to the Listing Committee
Approval of eligibility examination KOSDAQ Market Division D+63 days  
Filing Securities Registration Statement Issuing firm, Financial Supervisory Service D+65 days  
Pricing Issuing firm, lead manager D+75 days  
Securities Registration Statement Coming into Effect - D+81 days 15 days after receipt
Subscription Lead manager D+82~84 days  
Allocation Lead manager D+91 days  
Application for initial Listing Issuing firm, lead manager D+92 days  
Registration of Capital Increase Issuing firm D+93 days  
Kodsaq Listing Approval KOSDAQ Market Division D+94 days  
Commencement of Trading KOSDAQ Market Division D+96 days  
Listing on KOSDAQ
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