While the time period for listing preparation may vary and depend on the company’s IPO readiness, it normally takes about 3 to 4 months from the date filing the application for preliminary review on listing eligibility to the date of listing approval. KRX sends the notice of eligibility clearance within three months(65 business days) in case of an application being filed by a foreign applicant in case of an IPO, but within two months (45 business days) in case of secondary listing of the applicant which is already listed on one of the overseas markets designated by KRX*.

The whole review period may be extended if some significant issues arise during the reviewing process and in such cases, additional time would be required.

주의The overseas markets designated by KRX : NYSE, NASDAQ, Euronext, Tokyo Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bourse, Hong Kong Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Australian Securities Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange

The listing eligibility review is one part of the overall listing procedures. The preparation and readiness of the applicant may determine the length of time covering the execution of the principal underwriting agreement through the filing of the application for the preliminary review on the listing eligibility. The following table shows each phase of the listing procedures and main preparation items in each phase.

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Detailed Timeline for IPO on KRX
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