Trading system
Since the stock market trading system was applied in order to promote investor convenience, the ELW trading method is nearly identical to the stock trading method in general.
Trading system
Trading hours 09:00~15:30
Quotation price unit KRW 5
Trading unit 10 shares
Price change limit The application of price change limits are removed in consideration of high price fluctuations.
Type of order Limit
Exceptions to Trading Conclusions Removal of applications for large quantity of reports, large quantity during trading hours, basket, after-hours trading, etc.
Trading halt
  • The ELW Market stops and resumes when stock market trading stops (CB) and resumes
  • ELW stops and resumes when underlying stock trading stops and resumes
  • Stop and resume when ELW stocks or trading volumes change (are expected to change)
    drastically with relation to ELW issuing companies
Substitute security Excluding designations based on the possibility of sharp declines in guarantee values that follow high price fluctuations.
Short selling Not allowed
Settlement System
  • Settlements for ELWs occur on the 2nd day (T+2) and the method is the same as for ordinary stock settlements. Therefore, the delivery of settlement amounts occurs on the 2nd day reckoned from the day trading is realized.
  • Since ELWs are all deposited at Korea Securities Depository, receipt and delivery of ELWs are accomplished through the exchanging of accounts among securities firms.
  • Settlement Procedures (Flow Chart)
    ettlement Procedures (Flow Chart)
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