A listed company should promptly execute any and all important corporate event disclosures that may have an impact on the price of its listed shares. All KRX listed companies, foreign and domestic, must fulfill the disclosure obligations as follows.

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Type Disclosure
Periodic disclosure The listed company should publish the annual business report (within 120 days following the closing date) and semi-annual/quarterly reports (within 60 days following the closing date);
In case of a foreign company primarily listed on an overseas exchange, it should publish the annual business report and semi-annual/quarterly reports within 10 days from date of reporting to the overseas exchange.
Timely disclosure The listed company should disclose the significant events concerning its financial status, change of management, operational and production activities, receivables and liabilities, investment activities, profit and loss analysis, financial settlements and legal actions, and further disclose significant events of its holding and subsidiary companies.
Inquired disclosure The listed company should answer the disclosure inquiries from KRX on occasion of market rumors and media coverage on its operational performance or sudden or abnormal fluctuation in its stock price and trading volume.
Special disclosure The listed company should disclose the information relating to a major corporate events such as a merger, stock exchange, business or major assets transfer, repurchase and disposal of treasury stock, etc.
Voluntary disclosure The listed company may disclose in its discretion the information that might have impact on its business or the investors’ investment decision.
Fair disclosure The listed company should disclose future business plans and profit forecast prior to provision of the same to a specific third party.

If you have any further question, please refer to Corporate Disclosure Guide. (You can download it from Download Archive)

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