KOSDAQ 150 Options
KOSDAQ 150 Options
Underlying Asset KOSDAQ 150 Index
Contract Size KOSDAQ 150 Options price times KRW 10,000
Listed Contracts Three consecutive months + three quarterly months
Trading Hours 09:00 ~ 15:45 (09:00 ~ 15:20 on the last trading day)
Tick Size & Value 0.1 point(KRW 1,000) for less than 50 point of premium
0.5 point(KRW 5,000) for 50 point or more of premium
Strike Price Interval
  • At newly listing date
    : 17(8 are ITM, 1 is ATM, 8 are OTM)
  • Exercise price shall be additionally set to maintain the number of exercise price described as below
    : 8 for ITM, 8 for OTM(25point interval)
  • As contract month is newly listed, Strike price shall be additionally set as above according to the order of contract month
Last Trading Day Second Thursday of the contract month
Final Settlement Day The following day of the last trading day
Final Settlement Cash
Exercise Style European(exercisable only at expiration)
Position Limit
Individual 10,000
Others 20,000
Listing date March 26, 2018