EXTURE+ Clearing and Settlement system is essential to determine the final obligations between the involved parties for both buyer side and seller side after transactions happen and all relevant obligations will necessarily result in both sides’ settlements on a DVP basis in a way of making the possible risks controllable. In this regards, KRX has developed the world class risk-controlled and trustworthy CS system offering global clients with stable Clearing and Settlement services in their markets.
You trade, KRX CS system clears
Abundant case studies and wide experiences
KRX uses EXTURE+ CS system to control all possible risks coming from transactions in various capital markets.
Very recently, KRX has launched the Derivatives CS system, which interfaces with the CME Globex trading platform in Chicago, reflecting flexible and adaptable technology of KRX EXTURE+.
Meticulous functionalities
EXTURE+ CS system is an integrated solution that covers both cash and derivative products and is implemented
With advanced technologies of high performance and flexibility.
Major CS functionalities:
  • Utilization of SPAN, VaR, Stress Testing methodologies
  • Calculation on settlement obligation, fees, rebates
  • Physical deliveries, parametric arrangement
  • RDS set-ups for multi-market, currencies
  • Collateral in many currencies
  • Warming on intraday margin breaks
  • Approval process on many critical decisions of the clearing house
Standard and up-to-date technologies
KRX supplies global customers with user-oriented, trendy technical features.
  • Reports based on what you see in XLS, PDF
  • Developed in web-based programs and workable in various browsers
  • Connect to CME GLOBEX using FIX/FAST
  • Communication by FIX to members
  • Utilizing XML to talk to CME SPAN and members
KRX EXTURE+ CS System is able to receive trading information from markets of exchannges. ATS(Darkpool ECN) and many other types of markets.

KRX EXTURE+ CS System enables CLEARING HOUSE to perform the processes from confirming trading data and netting to notifying final obligation to the member firms.

  1. Trade Confirmation
  2. Netting
  3. Acquisition of Liabilities
  4. Confirm Settlement
  5. Notify final Obligation

KRX EXTURE+ CS System has the following six(6) modules from Position Management module to Financial Management module making CLEARING HOUSE`s CS services more stable and trustable

KRX EXTURE+ CS System modules
Position Management
Trade Registration
Give-up / Take-up
Position Transfer
KRX EXTURE+ CS System modules
Settlement Calculation
Settlement Price
Settlement Amount
Fee / Rebate / Charge
KRX EXTURE+ CS System modules
Reference Data Mgmt
CP / Account
Product / Series
KRX EXTURE+ CS System modules
Risk Management
Margin Calculation
Intraday Margin
Clearing Fund
KRX EXTURE+ CS System modules
Collateral Management
Deposit / Withdrawal
KRX EXTURE+ CS System modules
Financial Management
Cash In / Out
Interest / Investement
Posting Codes