Exture+ Surveillance System, the proven solution for the world’s most actively traded derivatives market, is now available to oversee any securities, derivatives and inter-linked markets in the world.

This globally competitive solution will protect general investors from manipulation, misconduct, rule violations and other types of infringements in the market.

Technological Benefits
Years of experience and know-how of more than 100 surveillance operators and experts contributed to the creation of detection rules, statistic analysis models, benchmarks and accounts relation and pattern recognition logics that are integrated in the current Surveillance System. The accuracy of these analysis models is crucial for maintaining a fair and orderly market.
In recent years, we have made innumerable efforts to minimize the time spent on investigation and seek new ways to perceive movements of particular account or group of accounts at a glance. We realized that the answer was 'visualization'. Our new IVAS (Integrated Visual Analysis System) tool provides all the functions required by the surveillance users to reduce their average analysis time to one tenth of that in the past.
KRX EXTURE Surveillance System Screen Capture
Functional Advantage

As we understand that all markets have its own characteristics, instead of providing a apckage solution, we encourage our potential customers to pursue an implementation project plan, in order for our qualified staff to learn the local rules and redesign the system accordingly.

This brings the exceptional advantage of localize and customize our optimized system to the taste of the customer in a relatively short period of time.


Data retrieval from database and transmission to the end-user PC is effectively performed to be stable even in low bandwidth networks. Only those pleces of data that are to be shown in the client screen are transmitted to the end-user environment. In other words, instead of retrieving the whole pile of data, the client will only query the necessary fraction of data.

Moreover, large amount of data retrieved can be saved in a secured file format on the end-user PC. This saves time and system resources when retrieving the same data again in the future.

EXTURE+ Surveillance System is a comprehensive and consolidated system aiming to enhance the Reliability and Transparency of the Securities and Derivatives Markets

Major Key Features
  • Powerful Rule Engine – Hundreds of criteria and variables available to the users, ready to be used in rules and alerts
  • Temporary Mode to check the results of different parameters and benchmarks
  • More than 10 Charts and Visual Representations
  • Easily identifiable suspicious accounts in all graphs and spreadsheets
  • Pattern Recognition algorithms and tools
  • Market Replay(Limitless-depth order book, single/dual price column view, easy zoom in/out)
  • All screens provide ‘download to Excel’ Functionality
  • Open/Close Price Auction Session Simulation
    • Users may re-run Auction Sessions with certain given conditions
System Model