The KRX strives to ensure a bright future for Korea’s capital market.
The history of humanity is deeply intertwined with the history of markets, with their development running in parallel. Markets have been ubiquitous throughout history, appearing in a range of forms. They enable the exchange of goods and services, and they have thus been the catalyst behind the advancement of human civilization. The capital market can be seen as the pinnacle of all the markets that have ever been created, providing businesses with a source of finance and investors with the opportunity to increase their wealth. Having been fashioned over a long period of time, the capital market is now the major driving force behind the prosperity of the modern world.

Since the launch of Korea’s first securities market in 1956, the Korea Exchange has worked its way through challenges to develop the country’s capital market. Today, it is an all-encompassing capital market where 60 trillion won of various investment products, including stocks, bonds and derivatives, are traded on a daily basis. The story of the Korean capital market, which rose from the ashes of the war to become a successful, well-functioning market, is actually the story of struggle and hard work of all the Korean people, who diligently strived to make a better future by developing their nation’s economy.

Now the Korean capital market finds itself in the midst of a paradigm shift, as the financial investment industry embraces new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data, and becomes increasingly specialized and sophisticated. In response to these fundamental changes, we at the KRX will provide innovative services catering to the needs of the market and diversify our business areas, in order to turn these changes into an opportunity for growth among our market participants.

We will also continue to fulfill the fundamental functions of the capital market, such as facilitation of corporate financing and trade, and protection of investors, while actively seeking partnership and collaboration with overseas exchanges.

Above all, we will establish ourselves as a comprehensive service organization, providing a full portfolio of differentiated services to satisfy financial consumers, whilst also paying attention to the voices in the market.

I ask for your continued support with our future endeavors. Thank you.

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