KRX provides four different trading platforms for fixed income securities: KRX BondsAll, KRX LPB, KRX KTB, and KRX Repo. All issues are listed in KRX BondsAll basically, and particular issues among them meeting the other markets' classifying conditions are dually listed in each platform. All bond trading platforms are in Exture+ (the electronic trading system of KRX) alongside stocks, derivatives, etc.

KRX BondsAll
KRX BondsAll is an exchange market for all investors where all listed bonds - government bonds, municipal bonds, corporate bonds, etc. - are traded. Especially, convertible bonds (CBs) should be traded in KRX BondsAll only, not in the OTC market, for formation of fair prices and liquidity enhancement.
All market participants can trade in KRX BondsAll, even non-KRX members can participate in the market indirectly by opening entrustment accounts at financial investment firms (KRX members).
When Koreans acquire some of licenses or permissions - or purchase houses, real estate, or automobiles - they are required to purchase License & Permit Bonds (LPBs). KRX LPB is a special purpose market for promoting the liquidity of LPBs, which should be traded only in KRX.
All market participants can trade in KRX LPB directly (maximum quotation quantity unit per investor is KRW 50 million) or sell their LPBs to a selling agent. LPB Dealers licensed by KRX submit bid quotations on a continuous basis to enhance liquidity in the market.
KRX KTB is an inter-dealer market where Government bond Dealers trade Korean Treasury Bonds (KTBs) in large amount (trading unit is KRW 1 billion). Tradable bonds in KRX KTB are KTBs, Monetary Stabilization Bonds (MSBs) and Deposit Insurance Fund Bonds (DIFBs).
Direct participation in KRX KTB is limited to financial investment firms and banks licensed as Government bond Dealers by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).
KRX Repo
KRX Repo is an exchange market for trading of bonds repurchase agreement (Repo) which is based on global standard of Repo trade, GMRA (Global Master Repurchase Agreement).
KTBs, MSBs, DIFBs, guaranteed corporate bonds, and non-guaranteed corporate bonds with credit ratings AA- or higher can be traded in KRX Repo. Market participants are those of KRX KTB, Korea Securities Finance Corp. (KSFC) and Bank of Korea (BOK).
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