Change of Listing
After the listing of an ETF, you can make additional creation of it or repurchase it freely. For this reason, fluctuations in the number of listed securities frequently take place. The change listing is a procedure to reflect such fluctuations in the number of listed securities resulting from such additional creation or redemption.
Creation and redemption is conducted in creation units. As the trust terms and conditions allow creation and redemption only to corporations, common small amount investors cannot create or repurchase ETFs via APs and only corporative or foreign investors can conduct redemption. However, small amount investors can redeem ETFs through trading on the exchange.
In addition to the change listing resulting from the change in the volume, it also takes place when the ETF name (issue name) is changed. To change the ETF name, you need to register the changes in the collective investment regulation to the Financial Services Commission, which manages the addition and modification of collective investment vehicles and apply for the change of the name of issues to the exchange.

< Change Listing Procedure >

  1. D-3
    Additional creation / redemption*
  2. D-2
    Submit application for listing
    change to the exchange
  3. D-2
    Approval and notice of
    listing change
  4. D-day
    Start of listing change

주의ETF investor requests it to AP