Global Business Unit
KRX`s Global Business Unit is in charge of setting up/implementing the global cooperative business and exporting the infrastructure of the Korean capital market. By conducting these activities, the Unit lays the foundation for expanding its relations globally, improving profitability by generating sales from the global market and enhancing the status of the Korean capital market in the international community.
Setting up/Implementing the Global Cooperative Business
The Global Business Unit searches for and pushes forward with businesses that can be performed in cooperation with overseas exchanges, international organizations and institutions related to the capital market and also holds/participates in international events, implements fellowship programs and shares information with foreign partners, researches/analyzes market conditions in foreign countries, conducts promotional activities and supports the global businesses of other business units.
Exporting the Infrastructure of Korean Capital Market
In addition to the global cooperation, the Global Business Unit comprehensively manages such areas as planning of the export of KRX IT system, promotion and after-sales administration. The Global Business Unit also conducts businesses of modernizing the capital markets systems of emerging economies, providing advice on system operation and training human resources for emerging markets.