The KRX collects listing fees from institutions that apply for debt securities listings. The purpose of charging listing fees is for the KRX to cover various expenses necessary for providing all sorts of services to issuing institutions. Included are listing fees and annual dues.

Listing Fees
Initial Listing Fees
The followings are applied for listing amounts of debt securities based on their face value when calculating initial listing fees for bonds. However, for shelf listed bonds and non-shelf listed bonds, the monetary amount for listing bonds issued on the same day continuously throughout a month is calculated by assigning bonds issued on the same day as one issue by each listing application date. Listing fees are paid when a listing application is made, but for shelf listed bonds, they are paid when the results for the issue are announced.
Initial Listing Fees
Listing amount (in KRW billion) Listing fees (in KRW thousand)
< 1 100
1 ≤ and < 2 150
2 ≤ and < 5 300
5 ≤ and < 10 700
10 ≤ and < 15 1,000
15 ≤ and < 25 1,200
25 ≤ and < 50 1,300
50 ≤ and < 100 1,400
100 ≤ and < 200 1,500
200 ≤ and < 500 1,600
500 ≤ 1,700
Listing change fees
When a listed corporation change the listed bonds due to mergers, spin-off, business transfer, or trade name changes, they are required to apply for a listing change and to pay fees of KRW 300,000 per case.
Relisting fees
When delisted bonds apply for relisting as a cause for delisting such as bankruptcy, etc. is resolved, the fees is KRW 300,000 per case.
Annual Dues
  • Total annual dues for the remaining period to maturity of bonds are required to be paid in advance at the time of the listing application (for shelf listed bonds, annual dues are paid when the issuance report is notified.
  • Annual dues are charged per bond issue. KRW 100,000 is charged per year for the remaining period to maturity based on listing (or relisting) day. Annual dues are collected only up to 5 years no matter how long the remaining period to maturity is.
Fee Exemption
  • Both listing fees and annual dues are exempted for government bonds, municipal bonds and monetary stabilization bonds.
  • Annual dues are exempted for debt securities that exist for less than a year from the listing date and for those issued by KRX securities members (excluding debt securities members).

When the issuance of bonds applying for listing is cancelled or the listing of bonds is denied by KRX, listing fees and annual dues are refunded. When bonds are delisted before their maturity, the amount deducted by the period until the delisting date is refunded (rounded off below KRW 100).

Shin Han Bank (Depositor : KRX)
  • Listing fees : 140-003-997696
  • Annual dues : 140-005-240738