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  Reasons for delisting
ETF Correlation
In case when the correlation coefficient between the daily fluctuation rate of net asset value per unit of an ETF and the daily fluctuation rate of the underlying index of the ETF has been less than 0.9 for 3 months
In case where the underlying index of an ETF cannot be calculated or available, or the criteria for index calculation are changed
Agreement for
liquidity provision
In case where there is no LP who has entered into an agreement for liquidity provision or no agreement for liquidity provision has been made within 1 month from the day where all LPs are under the conditions for replacement of liquidity providers
Size of listing In case where an ETF is designated as an administrative issue because its principal amount (capital) of trust or total net asset value is under KRW 5 billion and this situation continues until the end of next half year
In case where the reporting obligations are breached on purpose, due to gross negligence or habitually
Cancellation of
investment trust
In case where the reasons for cancellation in accordance with Paragraph 1 or 2 of Article 192 of the Capital Markets Act are applicable
In case where the Exchange deems the delisting is necessary for public interests and investor protection
In case where the OTC derivatives trade license of counterparty is cancelled or the position of counterparty as a financial company with a public confidence is lost
In case where the credit rating of counterparty is below the investment grade
Net capital
In case where the net capital ratio of counterparty has continued to be less than 100% for 3 months
In case where the counterparty falls under any of the following items: adverse or disclaimer audit opinion, discontinuity of business, bankruptcy, impaired capital, filing the application for commencement of rehabilitation procedures and dissolution by laws
Conclusion of
a contract
In case where a contract is ended before the maturity date of OTC derivative product, or in case where there is no corresponding contract when the maturity date arrives