KRX's yearly trading value in 2012 was US$1.5 trillion, which was the 3rd most liquid market in Asia next to China and Japan. In terms of world ranking, KRX was the 8th most liquid market in 2012 surpassing other major exchanges in Asia and Europe.

Ample Liquidity 1
Rank Exchange 2012 Year to date Trading Value (USD Mil)
1 NYSE Euronext (US) 13,442,719.6
2 NASDAQ OMX 9,784,206.2
3 Japan Exchange Group - Tokyo 3,463,094.8
4 Shanghai SE 2,598,805.4
5 Shenzhen SE 2,369,079.6
6 London SE Group 2,194,257.4
7 NYSE Euronext(Europe) 1,576,120.7
bg8 Korea Exchange 1,517,896.9
9 TMX Group 1,357,293.0
10 Duetsche Börse 1,275,949.4
11 Hong Kong Exchanges 1,106,068.5
12 Australian SE 935,987.5

Source : World Federation of Exchanges

Stock market liquidity plays an important role both in price discovery and cashability, which leads to the ease of post IPO financing in the market as well as IPO. Therefore, the stock market liquidity is one of the most important factors when choosing the right stock exchange to offer stocks.

Turnover velocity, a ratio of trading value to the market capitalization, is another indicator of market liquidity. The high turnover velocity of KRX proves that KRX is one of the most dynamic and liquid markets in the world.

Ample Liquidity 2
Exchange 2012 Avg. Tr velocity
Shenzhen SE 212.5%
Korea Exchange 138.1%
Shanghai SE 106.6%
Japan Exchange Group - Tokyo 101.5%
Deutsche Börse 92.0%
Taiwan SE Corp. 91.0%
BME Spanish Exchanges 89.5%
Australian SE 69.9%
TMX Group 66.5%
NYSE Euronext (Europe) 60.6%
NASDAQOMXNordicExchange 59.3%
London SE Group 55.7%
Singapore Exchange 48.6%
Japan Exchange Group - Osaka 47.9%
Natioanl Stock Exchange India 45.2%
Hong Kong Exchanges 42.3%

Source : World Federation of Exchanges

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