Japanese Yen Futures
Japanese Yen Futures
Underlying Asset Japanese Yen
Contract Size ¥1,000,000
Contract Months The first six consecutive months(four serial expirations and two quarterly expirations) plus the next two months in the quarterly cycle (March, June, September, December)
Trading Hours 09:00 ~ 15:45 (09:00 ~ 11:30 on the last trading day)
Price Quotation KRW per Yen 100, to two decimal places
Tick Size & Value 0.1, representing a value of KRW 1,000
Last Trading Day Third Monday of the contract month
Final Settlement Day Second day following the last trading day
Final Settlement Physical Delivery
Position Limit It can be adopted when the KRX deems necessary
Listing date May 26, 2006
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