KRX INDICES - Since 1964 KRX has released a variety of indices, 130 kinds of indices in total have been launched

KRX has released a variety of indices for stocks, bonds, derivatives, strategies, etc., since the stock index by the adjusted stock price average method was launched in 1964.

As of late September 2017, 264 kinds of indices in total have been announced. ETF market, whose underlying asset is a KRX index, amounts to 25 trillion won. In particular, KOSPI Index plays a role of the leading index of the Korean stock market.

Also KOSPI 200, as a representative blue-chip index, is used as the underlying index of various financial instruments such as futures, options, ETF, ELS, etc.

KRX Index Business
1964 The stock index by an adjusted stock price average method launched
1972 KCSPI(Korea Composite Stock Price Index) launched
1983 KOSPI(Korea Composite Stock Price Index) launched
Equity indices by industry, capital size and market division launched
1994 KOSPI 200 launched
2003 KODI(Korea Dividend Stock Price Index) launched
KOGI(Korea Corporate Governance Stock Price Index) launched
2006 KRX Sector Indices launched
2009 SRI(Social Responsibility Investment) Index launched
V-KOSPI 200 (KOSPI 200 Volatility Index) launched
2012 KOSPI 200 Risk Control Indices(volatility level : 6%, 8%, 10%,12%) launched
S&P/KRX Dynamic Asset Exchange Index launched
2014 New Dividend Indices launched
(KOSPI High Dividend Yidel, KRX High Dividend Yield, KOSPI Growth Dividend Index, KOSPI Preferred Stock Index)
2015 KTOP 30 Index launched
KOSDAQ 150 Index launched
KOSPI 200 Intrinsic Value Index and KOSPI 200 MidSmallCap Index launched
ESG Leaders 150, Governance Leaders 100, and Eco leaders 100 launched
2016 KOSPI 200 TR/NTR(USD) Indices launched
KOSDAQ 150 Sector Indices and Low Volatility Index launched
KRX Smart Beta Indices(value, quality, momentum, value-momentum) launched
2017 KRX Gold Spot Index(KRW/USD)
Korea Taiwan IT premier Index launched
KOSPI 200 Factor Tilt Indices(value, quality, momentum, low vol) launched
SF-KOSPI 200 Leverage 1.5X
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