Articulating the Business Strategy and Long-Term Vision
The Korea Exchange (KRX), which was launched in January 2005 by consolidating the four domestic markets, is committed to enhancement of market credibility, customer-oriented management and nurturing of future growth industries, thus building itself up as a World-Class Premier Exchange. The Management Strategy division establishes the business strategy and management reform agenda, and proposes the long-term vision necessary for enhancement of the KRX’s reputation.
Supporting the Operations of Other Divisions
The Management Strategy division performs the general back office functions, including the administration of human resources, provision of general services such as finance, accounting, management of physical and IT resources and public and international relations and supervision of regional offices. By providing the coherent and dependable services, the Management Strategy division supports the operations of the three Market Divisions and the Market Oversight Commission.
Contributing to the Development of Local Community
For the balanced national development, the KRX located its head office in Busan, the second largest city in Korea. This is to rally round the policy of developing Busan as an international financial center. Furthermore, the Management Strategy Division, located in the head office in Busan, is actively engaged in a variety of activities that promote the social services and public welfare, thus making contribution to the development of local community.
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