Corporate Disclosures
Company Name, Document, Date
Company Name Document Date
KPF Organization of Investor Relations Event 2018-08-17
SAMSUNG HVY IND Entering into Single Sales or Supply Contract 2018-08-17
MJ Holdings [Revised]Decision on Issuing of Convertible Bonds 2018-08-17
FILA KOREA Organization of Investor Relations Event 2018-08-17
KIND Reliable Source if Corporate Disclosure
Newly Listed Companies
Company Name, Industry, Listing Date
Company Name Industry Listing Date
REMED Manufacture of Medical Appliances and Instruments 2018-08-14
TCO Motion Picture, Video, Broadcasting Programmes Production and Distribution 2018-08-13
DAEYU Manufacture of Fertilizers, Pesticides, Germicides and Insecticides 2018-08-10
NKMAX Manufacture of Medicaments 2018-08-09
Shinhan Alpha REIT Real Estate Activities with Own or Leased Property 2018-08-08