Corporate Disclosures
Company Name, Document, Date
Company Name Document Date
isMedia Contract for Sales or Supply 2018-11-19
ZUM internet Organization of Investor Relations Event 2018-11-19
SAMBU CONST Court Ruling on Lawsuit, etc. 2018-11-19
DUKSUNG Decision on Entering into Trust Contract for Acquisition of Treasury Stocks 2018-11-19
KIND Reliable Source if Corporate Disclosure
Newly Listed Companies
Company Name, Industry, Listing Date
Company Name Industry Listing Date
IL SCIENCE Manufacture of Electric Lamps and Bulbs 2018-11-16
DESIGN Manufacture of Electric Motors, Generators and Transforming, Distributing and Controlling Apparatus of Electricity 2018-11-15
NOVAREX Manufacture of Other Food Products 2018-11-14
Cellivery Research and Experimental Development On Natural Sciences and Engineering 2018-11-09
DAE BO MAGNETIC Manufacture of Other Electrical Equipment 2018-11-06