Data fee is at the minimum level for maintaining our database. Specially for students, faculty members, educational foundations, etc., we provide the market data at a 50% discount.
To acquire the KRX market data, one has to be admitted as a member.(Click here to register)
After signing in as a member, the market data can directly be downloaded from the KRX homepage either as an Excel or text file. As the text file contains raw data, only those persons who have data processing software can use it.
Data acquisition procedure
  1. STEP01
    Member Registration/Login
  2. STEP02
    Request for Desired data
  3. STEP03
    Calculation of data fee
  4. STEP04
    Payment of data fee
  5. STEP05
    Data Download
Payment of data fee
  • The customers may make payment by any of the following methods
    • credit/debit card
    • bank deposit
  • Please note that,
    • The customers can download the data after the contents manager's approval.
    • For customer making payment by credit/debit card. The customer may need to download and install ActiveX plugin provided by KRX for further settlement process.
    • The customer is strongly recommended to access this page with Internet Explorer for credit/debit card settlement process.
  • The KRX is not responsible for unintentional error in the statistical data supplied.
  • Data fee is proportional to the period for which data is acquired, i.e., number of months.
  • This is a demonstration version of payment process. It is highly recommended that the customer experience trial Plug-in before initiate an actual payment process in KRX homepage.
    Please refer to the following web link:
  • Management Strategy Division / Statistics Data /

Data and information on the KRX website are provided for the purpose of improving availability of information for investment, not for trading securities. In spite of the efforts made in ensuring the accuracy of data and information, the KRX recognizes that unintentional errors and delays could occur. The KRX is not responsible for any loss resulted from the investments made using the data and information provided on its website.