Corporate Disclosures
Company Name, Document, Date
Company Name Document Date
SK SECU Additional Listing(유상증자(구주주배정)) 2018-12-19
AceBed Decision on Disposal Treasury Stocks 2018-12-19
Miev Decision on Paid-in Capital Increase 2018-12-19
SME Additional Listing(주식매수선택권행사) 2018-12-19
KIND Reliable Source if Corporate Disclosure
Newly Listed Companies
Company Name, Industry, Listing Date
Company Name Industry Listing Date
ABL Bio Manufacture of Medicinal Chemicals, Antibiotics and Biological Products 2018-12-19
DaishinBalance No.6 Activities Auxiliary to Financial Service Activities 2018-12-19
PROT Manufacture of Medical Supplies and Related Other Medicaments 2018-12-19
JJBIO Manufacture of Other Chemical Products 2018-12-14
MERCURY Manufacture of Telecommunication and Broadcasting Apparatuses 2018-12-14