KOSPI200 options-linked products which are listed on Eurex are traded in accordance with the regulations of Eurex, and, starting from the pre-hours negotiated trades where the physical delivery of open interests takes place, they are traded by the regulations of KRX as KOSPI200 options

  • Order Types and additional conditions on Eurex
    • Limit orders: Good-till-Cancelled/ Good-for-Day/ Immediate-or-Cancelled
    • Market orders: Good-till-Cancelled
    • Stop Orders: Limit Order
    • One Cancel Other: A new order cancels previous one.

The order types and additional conditions for KOSPI200 linked products that are available in Eurex market, can be changed in the future.

  • Cancellation or correction of orders: Cancellation and correction are possible
    • When the price of an order is corrected, the time priority no longer exists
  • Market makers: There are market makers who make both of two-way and one-way quotes
  • OTC Block Trade: Block orders with the prices and quantities negotiated at the OTC market can be executed on the Eurex market.
    • Minimum volume: 500 contracts
    • Price range: Base price± (margin parameter × 2)
  • Negotiated trades before the market opening: It is a negotiated trade between KRX and its members for the purpose of delivering the open interests resulted from trading on the Eurex market as KOSPI 200 options
< Outline of negotiated trade before the market opening >
Items Contents
Trading hours 07:30~08:20 (08:20 ~ 08:30 is the processing time for settlement default)
Execution price Base price of options for the day
Participants Members holding open interests notified from Eurex
Quantity 1 contract or more
Correction and cancellation No correction during 07:30 ~ 08:20
Cancellation: cancel total quantity and enter new quantity afterwards
Publication of market price
  • Announced separating from the regular trades after the closing of single price auction for opening price
  • Trades can occur for products with no trade in regular trading session,
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