Settlement System
The settlement system of an ETF is the same as that of common stock trading. In other words, the settlement of ETF is conducted on the second day (T+2) from the day when the deal is made, and the entire ETF is deposited to a depository and the delivery is made through book-entry delivery.
To secure the transparency of the ETF market and provide investor convenience, the following information is being posted on the websites of KRX and collective investment companies, KOSCOM CHECK (information inquiry terminal), etc., and ETF investors can be provided with sufficient information through this.
  • The breakdown of the in-kind stock basket required to create an ETF (Portfolio Deposit File, PDF)
  • Net Asset Value (NAV) of an ETF
  • The breakdown of the components of the index
  • The tracking error between the stock price index and the NAV
  • Management report at the end of each settlement term