E-RFQ in KRX Repo

Similar to KRX KTB and KRX BondsAll, a trade in KRX Repo can be conducted at a repo rate predetermined by consultation between a quotation requester and quotation proposer. The quotation requester may designate a maximum of five quotation prposers to request a quotation, and the quotation stays effective for 30 minutes. What is different from KRX KTB and KRX BondsAll is that the trade period may be within 365 days (including trading holidays) and the trading unit is set at a trade value of KRW 100 million.

Trade Reporting in KRX Repo

When market participants agree on a repo trade in OTC and report to KRX, it is deemed exchange-traded. Counterparties may determine trading unit, repo term, repo rate and other conditions on a discretionary basis, and report to KRX. However, the trade period should be no more than 360 days.