The following table shows trading rules specially applicable to LPBs.

Item Descriptions
Common Account
for LPB Only
One-time trading for a LPB by an individual is possible through a common account only for LPBs under the name of a member firm without opening a separate account.
Bid Quotation by Category Bid quotations of Provincial development bonds and Metropolitan city subway bonds are submitted by category classified per issuance month.
Trading Unit Face value KRW 1,000
Priority of Simultaneous Quotations KRW 10 milIion → KRW 50 milIion → KRW 100 milIion → KRW 300 milIion → KRW 500 milIion → Remainder
Trading at
Market Closing
A single price by a reported market price of the previous day shall be applied to trading from 20 minutes prior to closing till market closing.