In the past, certified judicial scriveners or car salespersons often purchased LPBs at low prices from consumers and sold them at high prices in the OTC market. To discourage the abuse, LPBs should be traded only in KRX now for the purpose of improving convenience of buyers and promoting the liquidity of LPBs. LPB purchasers can sell their bonds to banks (sales agents). The banks place ask orders in KRX LPB through a securities firm.

Report of OTC Trade

Exceptionally, when the trading price is higher than the market price or after the market close, the OTC trade of LPB is possible on the basis of Reported market price. In this case, the member should report the trading time, issue, quantity and price to KRX.

LPB Dealer

For smooth trading, KRX designates LPB dealers who submit compulsory bid quotations among member firms. The number of LPB Dealers is no more than 24.

Reported Market Price

Reported market price means the value calculated by KRX. When LPB Dealers report a desired purchase price for the next day, KRX calculates the arithmetic average price excluding top 10% price and bottom 20% price. A reported market price is applied to trading at market closing of the next day so that individual LPB purchasers can dispose of their LPBs at this price.