item Descriptions
Types of Trades Cash settlement (T+0) is allowed only.
Settlement Between Investors and Securities Firm
Time Limit of Payment By the 16:00 of settlement date
Collection of Brokerage Fees A Member may levy brokerage fees on investors at the time of settlement after the Member receives orders from investor and executes trading. The fee rates need to be reported to KRX.
Settlement by a Member
Time Limit of Settlement by 16:30 of settlement date
Settlement Method
  • A member has to make a payment to KRX after deducting selling bonds & buying money respectively within the time limit.
  • Settlement of foreign currency bonds shall be made in KRW converted by basic rate on the settlement date according to the Foreign Exchange Control Regulation.
Payment by Securities Delivery Bills If it is impossible to pay due to defective bonds, selling LPBs, foreigner’s selling, selling issues with low liquidity, etc., it may be replaced by Securities Delivery Bills issued by KRX.