Price determination in single price auction (Periodic call auction)

The price is determined according to following methods;

  1. The total quantity of offer quotations whose price are lower than the matched price and the total quantity of bid quotations whose price are higher than the matched price are executed.
  2. In the case of bid and offer quotations that are placed at the matched price, total quantity of either bid or offer quotation and, of the quantity in excess of the quantity on the other side, the quantity in excess of the quantity of trading unit. And among the quotations matched according to the quotation priority, transactions are executed.
Price determination in multiple price auction (Continuous auction)

When the highest bid price matches the lowest offer price among the competitive bids and offers during the continuous trading session, the execution price is the price of quotation received first, and trades between the matching bids and offers are executed according to the price and time priority.