Trading Hours

It is from 09:00 to 15:30 everyday except holidays and Saturday. The holidays include national holidays, Labor Day and one day at the end of the year.


The type of quotation (order) is a limit order. In other words, an investor trades at the designated price or lower price for a bid limit order while trading at the designated price or higher price for an ask limit order. The quotation receiving hours is from 08:00 to 15:30. Quotation price units (or tick size), quotation quantity units and trading units are classified below as per domestic bond and foreign bond. There is no daily price limit.

Classification Domestic Bonds
(Incl. equity-related bond)
Foreign Bonds
Quotation Price Unit
(Tick Size)
Remaining to Maturity of Bonds
10 years or longer KRW 1 1 point
2 years or longer,
but shorter than 10 years
KRW 0.5 0.5 point
Shorter than 2 years KRW 0.1 0.1 point
Quotation Quantity Unit Face value KRW 10,000 10,000 point
Trading Unit Face value KRW 1,000 10,000 point
Restriction of Submitting Quotations

Though daily price limits are not applied, excessively priced quotations as below are not allowed to be put into the trading system to prevent errors by operators:

Restriction on buying orders
Quotations that higher than 130% (or 150% as for equity-related bonds) of the base price*
Restriction on selling orders
Quotations that lower than 70% (or 50% as for equity-related bonds) of the base price*

* Base price: Previous day's closing price (When the closing price is not available, a mark-to-market price is used.)

Restriction of Submitting Quotations