Trading hours

It is from 09:00 to 15:30 everyday except holidays and Saturday.

Offer price

Appointed offer price as a way of price offer is adopted and time for receiving offer is from 08:00 to 15:30. Offer price, offer quantity and trading units are classified below as per bond of stock-related company, general bond, foreign currency bond, and there is no price change limit.

Classification Stock-related corporate bond General bond Foreign currency bond
quotation price unit* <remaining time to maturity of bonds>
More than 10 years KRW1 KRW1 1 point
between 2 and 10 years KRW0.5 KRW0.5 0.5 point
More than 10 years KRW0.1 KRW0.1 0.1 point
offer quantity unit face value KRW10,000 face value KRW10,000 10,000 point
trading unit face value KRW1,000 face value KRW1,000 10,000 point
* quotation price unit is commensurate with a remaining time to maturity of bonds
Restriction of Input of Quotations

Though daily price limits are not applied, excessively priced quotations as below are not allowed to put into the trading system to prevent errors by operators:

(Restrictions on buying orders) quotations with prices higher than 30% (or 50%) or more compared to the base price*

(Restrictions on selling orders) quotations with prices lower than 30% (or 50%) or more compared to the base price

Base price: Previous day's closing price (In case the closing price is not available, a mark-to-market price is used.)

< Sell > Not Executable Range Buying orders not allowed
Buying orders with price exceeding the base price by 30% or more (Base price + base price × 30%)
Executable Range
(Base price - base price × 30%) ~ (Base price + base price × 30%)
Selling orders not allowed
Selling orders with price lower than the base price by 30% or more (Base price - base price × 30%)
< Buy > Not Executable Range