• Provides the convenience of block trading such as anonymity, reduced market impact cost, etc.
  • To secure competitiveness against dark pools operated by global financial companies

Executed by continuous trading method based on time priority. Prices are determined by VWAP*.* VWAP: Volume-weighted average price. Calculated by dividing the total traded value by the total traded shares in the regular trading session.

Eligible securities
  • Stocks, KDRs, etc. as those in other block trading
  • Administrative issues and liquidation issues are not eligible
Trading hours and execution price
Trading hours and execution price
Pre-hours Regular session
Trading hours 07:30 ~ 08:30 09:00 ~ 15:00
Execution price VWAP for the day VWAP from the matching point to the market closing
There is no competitive block trading in after-hours trading session.
Minimum Quantity Requirement
Minimum order size is KRW 200 million more ( the base price of the day × number of shares ordered) and the trading unit is 1 share.